He car wash that loves the environment

Our Mission

ECO CAR WASH is positioned as a leader in the car wash industry for two simple reasons: the simple store management and technology behind the service that allows an optimization of costs and efficiency of the highest level with a chain of more than seventy store already operating. ECO CAR WASH indeed uses steam jet equipment that does not damage the material, in full respect of the environment. Around these identity characteristics it has created the brand ECO CAR WASH. A brand that embodies all new instances of transparency and competence that the modern client is looking for a store. The store ECO CAR WASH has over time become a reference point for all those who love their vehicles, but also for those who need a fast and efficient service. With the perfecting of the development chain, Moreno Cardinali and Alessio Perosini, brand owners and young entrepreneurs, have expanded the business including the sanitation services of interior and upholstery, as well as at home for washing boats and rare value cars.


ECO CAR WASH is a totally eco-friendly car washing!

The mission of ECO CAR WASH is to give assurance to customers on a vision of the concept car wash centered predominantly environmental point on the goodness of the equipment used and the offer of a car wash ready to take care of customers’ vehicles. This approach has paid off and is critical to the success of ECO CAR WASH.

Services car wash ECO CAR WASH are manifold:

1. Care in detail the internal and external cleaning of all vehicles.

2. Wash and sanitize the upholstery through the steam washing technology, which allows you to comply with all automobile surfaces without damaging them

3. ale of professional productseco-friendly cleaning of vehicles, which allows an increase in revenue for the Affiliate car wash.

ECO CAR WASH offers the client the possibility to receive the service directly at home thanks to the formula “ECO CAR WASH Mobile”, an equipped van that allows eco-friendly car wash to reach the most awkward places to be able to fulfill one of the characteristics of brand.

Finally, ECO CAR WASH offers a store adjacent carwash equipped with all comforts to make the most comfortable customer waiting in waiting times. Armchairs, magazines and wifi connection allow you a pleasant stay, while the staff team performs the work required.

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