Franchising Proposal

Eco Car Wash Format

ECO CAR WASH gives the chace to open a selling point comprehensive, turnkey , or mobile , following a precise plan of store development that represents a profitable investment for all those who wish to open a car wash point.

The affiliate that enters the ” ECO CAR WASH ” network can access a series of ” smart ” services such as continuing education, technology updates and constant re-supply of used material and products for sal.

Join the brand ECO CAR WASH means start his own business with a small investment and without risk.



Fomat “Store”

The preparation and delivery of equipment and products ensure a “carwash keys in hand” at asking against the investment. It is an extremely functional space for employees and that does not deny comfort angles for customers. We thought of useful space to accommodate the vehicles, minimal furniture, exhibitors for products and advanced equipmen . Nothing is left to chance, but every single piece of furniture is functional to a business purpose. The customer who enters the store will understand immediately that ECO CAR WASH ensures efficiency and passion for their work.

The store also provides for the initial supply of products for the start of activities and retail.

Communication material and exhibition are included.


Mobile format

With a branded van “ECO CAR WASH”, provided with full screen and all the equipment, you can deliver the car wash services also at the headquarters of the customers, allowing you to achieve those means of difficult transportation (boats , motor homes , Trayler , vintage cars and more) or places such as fleets and dealerships, saving time to the customer .

The the formula ” Mobile ” can be activatedindependently of the formula “Store”.

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